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why is birthday important in ur life?

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / manish

hi i think tht birthday is playing very important part in
our life, birhtdate is showing tht on tht day we have
started our journey of life in this earth & started to
learn something different, so on tht day many people
including me making a goal & take a promise to work hard to
accomplish the target till next birthday.

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / sriram- 9247459837

Birthday is one of the memoriest day in the whole Year. I
can fell very proud that im celebrating my bithday with My
parents and friends. This gives me a good satisfaction in my
life. Thats is the only day where we can start the good
things. So that every bithday remembers the most memoriable

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / camille

It is very important because that day my mother's pain for
carrying me w/in 9 months has been's her happiness
to see me and a happiness for every parents as well to see a
new born angel..

It also shows God's love for us that He created us
beautiful in such a very special way..

And lastly for me it is important because another year of
great opportunity was given to us, so let's make the most
out of it!

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / thanuja

hello people Birthday is one of the important day in each
and every person life bcoz each and every peson begin the
day to pass the coming year with a goal to achieve some
thing important in there life and persure a good position
in life and achieve there dream. And it also one of the
important day bcoz that was the day when we did come to
earth to do something and acheive some thing.

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / vijay

it is important because we should thank our parents who
give birth and god who give life to live in the world, we
should remember that we come to this world with nothing and
the things we have now is not permanent and always live in
love and peace

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / ashwini.r

yes its very imporant for me......
obviously because it involves alot of excitement...also
gives me so much happiness..n d best part is d surprises!!
and anything which makes me happy is considered important.....
that is the simple reason why i'd consider my b'day important.

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / ibrahim addow

Birthday is one of the most important day in yourlife. and
should now how old s/h is? ANd every birthday everyone
grows a year older. Its an important that people should

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / hanna

25/12/10 - Yiiiipeee it’s my Birthday today!!!!!!!
23 years old………

In my eyes everyone birthday should be a day of
remembrance. If your celebrating your child’s first
birthday or a friend’s fortieth.

Everyone wants to feel important, loved and the centre of
attention, whether it’s being acknowledged by one important
person or a whole heard of people. Your Birthday is the
one day a year that you’re entitled to feel fussed over. No
need to be elected president to feel important today!!!!!!

On a depressing note I am sitting alone watching MTV
Arabia, waiting for the British time zone to appropriately
catch up to the Middle East. So I can hear my family and
friends voices wishing me a lovely day.

The truth is even though I feel sad, home sick, depressed
(haaa) and alone.

When you receive you’re yearly fix of love and
affection “Happy Birthday” a stimulated chemical reaction
runs through your veins, warming you in the coldest
climates. Not that I am in a cold country!!! Mmmmmmm i mean
emotionally speaking

In Conclusion to my blabbering , Enjoy celebrating others
birthdays and your own maybe you say “it’s not important”
or “I am not bothered” be thankful to the people who want
to celebrate you and do the same for them.

Love each other dearly, you never know when you may be

Happy birthday to me…….


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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / john

bday is de most imp day in evryones lif as they started der
journey of lif as one who not even knows who is he and what
is he adn reaching to position sum day and wondering what
has gone till day,,,,,,,,,.i think every one might think
the same way...littlebit'nt it? ya its tru.....

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why is birthday important in ur life?..

Answer / sasan

for me is important because in my birthday evrybody are
happy specialy my parents and evrything become new like my

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