what all are the coverages , explain ?

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what all are the coverages , explain ?..

Answer / shilpa reddy

u didnt mention for which testing coverage,u want?
I will provide u the coverages for functional system
testing and nonfunctional system testing.

Functional system testing:
1)behavioural coverage
2)input domain coverage
3)error handling coverage
4)service level coverage
5)back end coverage
6)calculation coverage

Non functional system testing:
1)recovery testing
2)compatibility testing
3)configuration testing
4)intersystem testing
5)security testing
6)comparative testing
7)installation testing
8)load testing
9)stress testing
10)data volume testing
11)storage testing

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what all are the coverages , explain ?..

Answer / prathima

As far as Iam aware he have the following coverages:

>>Decision or branch coverage
>>conditional coverage
>>Multi-Conditional coverage
>>Statement coverage

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