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how can i know call center is a good felid?

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how can i know call center is a good felid?..

Answer / ritesh.k.

call centre are one of the best jobs for youngsters,as it
makes our personality well a days callcentre
jobs are great boom in this new generations

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how can i know call center is a good felid?..

Answer / hussiani

as per my concern call center is good felid to developed a
persanality and cummunication skill and lote of more
advantages from call center.....

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how can i know call center is a good felid?..

Answer / shan raza

according to my knowledge'call centre is a helpfull to younguster and who is doing work in call centre'it is must be develope personality skill communication and attitude and prononciasion also will be increase,,,

yours faithfully

Md raza

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