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What are operating Costs?

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / guest

The day-to-day expenses incurred in running a business,
such as sales and administration, as opposed to production.
also called operating expenses.

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / suliaman

Operating costs are the day to day cost of organizing to
a business’ operations. It can also refer to the costs of
operating a particular method or branch of a corporation.
Operating costs usually fall into two groups, called fixed
costs and variable costs. A business may have more of one
type of operating cost than the other

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / lansanacoker

operating cost is the total cost involve in production
including salaries.

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / ravi

operating cost is nothing but the cost which is incurred
for operation here operation includes getting the
particular process done by using availible resources

generally aprocess meet different stages of production

formulae -o.p cost /sales *100

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / suresh

total daily expenditure of company. means day to day expenses.
sales, administration and production. these expenses are
called operating cost

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / maheswari.m

The day to day expenditure incurred in running a
Businesssuch as sales and administrationas opposed to
production .It is aiso called as operating
The expenses of maintaing property .

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What are operating Costs?..

Answer / vinotha.v

The day-to-day expenses incurred in running a business.
That is operating cost.

The operating cost calculated raw materials

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