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What is a thin-client application?

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What is a thin-client application?..

Answer / rajan

A web client is sometimes called a thin client. Thin
clients usually do not query databases, execute complex
business rules, or connect to legacy applications. When you
use a thin client, such heavyweight operations are off-
loaded to enterprise beans executing on the J2EE server,
where they can leverage the security, speed, services, and
reliability of J2EE server-side technologies.

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What is a thin-client application?..

Answer / nancy

A thin client application is the one where in the business
logic is not included in the client code. The client code
only contains the presentation logic.

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What is a thin-client application?..

Answer / rajashree

The Thin application client provides a lightweight,
downloadable Java application run time capable of
interacting with enterprise beans.

The Thin application client is designed to support those
users who want a lightweight Java client application
programming environment, without the overhead of the J2EE
platform on the client machine. The programming model for
this client is heavily influenced by the CORBA programming
model, but supports access to enterprise beans.

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What is a thin-client application?..

Answer / anup

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What is a thin-client application?..

Answer / sanjay

The Answer #4 and Answer#3 are in context of Websphere J2EE
server. From the link it seems that the Thin application
client is a IBM product. Please note capital T in Thin
application client.

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