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what type of questions will be asked in the interviews

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what type of questions will be asked in the interviews..

Answer / manjunath

1.Tell us about yourself
2.Your achievements
3.Your aim
4.Your hobbies

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what type of questions will be asked in the interviews..

Answer / latha

Type of questions int he itnerviews will be varied from co.
to co., the basic questions are 1)they could have asked the
candidte about himself/herself.
then abt his qualification, year of graduation or highest
qualification, abt her wokinf experience, why he/she is
trying to join that particular co., & why they want to
leave the old/where they are workind presently, what is
his/hr present salary, what is his/her expected, is he/she
are aready to work under time based job, or very
restrictive or under pressure working hours, is he/she
ready ro work for shifts, or he/she is ready to continue
the shift timing in some emrgency/urget cases........many

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what type of questions will be asked in the interviews..

Answer / kk

1.questions related to your study
2.questions on general and current topics
3.questions on the indian developement,economy and
4.questions on politics,social and science[general]
5.questions about your nature and aim

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what type of questions will be asked in the interviews..

Answer / chandran

Tell about yourself
Why you choose our company?
your areas of Interest?
What is your salary Expectation?
is it ok with rotation of shift?
Few questions relating your subject or posting in the

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