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explain about APP in SAP fico module?

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / kamesh

APP means Automatic Payment Program it is used for Automatic
payments in SAP. FBZP is the Transaction Code, you have to
maintain the config for your automatic payment runs.

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / rajan gaurav

APP in FICO is Automatic Payment Program through which we
can pay to Vendors,Employee Vendor and Customer with credit
balances. Transaction code for APP is F110 and the
configuration settings are done using TCODE FBZP.The logic
of APP is to choose the open items to be paid with due date

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / sweta

APP is for automatic clearing of open items. I gives an
option to clear large no. of open items, selected on the
basis of parameter given in F110 transaction code.

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / upendra

APP means Automatic payment app system will verfy due date,system will issue checks system will generate payment advice,system pass entry and clear automatically to party account,system will update check register app will be used by cash rich companies only they run every weekly every ten days and fortnightly check lot should be sequential

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / venkat

APP IS Automatic payment program, FBZP is the configaration code for APP. it is use at time pay more invoice for vendor/customer, dis F110 is app run code.

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explain about APP in SAP fico module?..

Answer / v. sivakumar

APP in SAP fico module ar Software, Applicaton, product,
Finance & Cost Control. In this module uses of Exteral to
the outside organisation

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