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What is General Ledger

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / gunturu

ledgers are two types one is general ledger and the other
is personal ledger. general ledger consists of accounts
relating to expenses , incomes , liabilities and assets.
general ledger is the base for preperation of trail balance

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / nagaraj goud

A company's accounting records. This formal ledger contains
all the financial accounts and statements of a business

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / hemanth.n.s

The general ledger, sometimes known as the nominal ledger,
is the main accounting record of a business which uses
double-entry bookkeeping. It will usually include accounts
for such items as current assets, fixed assets,
liabilities, revenue and expense items, gains and losses.

The general ledger is a summary of all of the transactions
that occur in the company. It is built up by posting
transactions recorded in the general journal.

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / jagi

General Ledger, It is a basic accounts books to prepare a
company finacial satements.

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / venkatesh

General Ledger consists all ledgers accounts which is
useful for preparation of Trial balance.

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / srilatha

generalledger is a financial information into a chart of

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / amit kumar srivastava

After preparing Jouranal Entries of the transaction than we
prepare General Ledger for each and every account. By
preparing GL we can easily know what is the difference
between the accounts and by this TRIAL BALANCE can be
easily prepared.

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / moumita

classification of the transaction into appropiate accounts
relating to the business operation

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / sri

In TALLY, a Ledger means, is an electronic page to
summarize about one person's or creditor's or debtor's or
one thing regularly purchased item or name specified for a
group of expense like tea & snacks, postage & couriers
etc., will be accounted on the name given to the ledger at
the time of creation. using one ledger we can enter all
types of journal entries.

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What is General Ledger..

Answer / hashim bim ali

general ledger is a second entry book. when all the cash
expense and cash receipts in the first entry book that is
cash book it is difficult to gather all information from
the cash, therefore it posted to ledger book where all the
heads of accounts are prepared separatly with the help of
general ledger book it becomes very easy to prepare trial
balance at the end of every accounting year.

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