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Bosch is associated in India with

1 Bajaj Auto

2 Mico India

3 Kinetic Auto

4 P & G India

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Bosch is associated in India with 1 Bajaj Auto 2 Mico India 3 Kinetic Auto 4 P & G I..

Answer / guest

(2) Mico India

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Bosch is associated in India with 1 Bajaj Auto 2 Mico India 3 Kinetic Auto 4 P & G I..

Answer / s.rajkumar

2 Mico India

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Which of the following electro-magnetic waves has the longest wave-length? 1 Ultraviolet rays 2 Light rays 3 Gamma rays 4 Infra-red rays

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Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood? 1 Glucose 2 Fructose 3 Galactose 4 Sucrose

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With whom the sole power to control the expenditure of the Government of India rests? (1) Parliament (2) The Prime Minister (3) The Lok Sabha (4) The Finance Minister

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Which of the following are included in Right to Freedom of Religion? (a) Right to Freedom of Conscience (b) Practice and propagation of religion (c) Right to Freedom against forced religious instructions (d) Right to Freedom from payment of tax for the promotion of a particular religion (e) All of these

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The year of Saka era, except a leap year, commences from: (a) April 1 (b) April 15 (c) March 1 (d) March 22

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Who among the following holds office during the pleasure of the President ? a) Speaker of Lok Sabha b) Prime Minister c) Election Commissioner d) Governor

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The 1994 prestigious G.D. Birla International Award for Humanism for dedicative and innate concern for the under privileged was warded to (1) Mother Teresa (2) Baba Amte (3) Dr. N.H. Anita (4) Shabana Azmi

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The Tehri Dam in Uttar Pradesh is held up because of (1) Foreign aid not forthcoming (2) Opposition by environmentalists (3) Change of site (4) Regional disputes

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The ?Servants of India Society? was founded by: (a) Annie Besant (b) Gopalakrishna Gokhale (c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

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hi.. recently i applied postal assistants job.. and i posted already the postal form to delhi..IN THAT I FORGOT TO SEND ORIGINAL RECIEPT OF UCR NUMBER... (BUT IN OMR SHEET BOX I CORRECTLY ENTER THE UCR NUMBER)..IS THIS ANY PROBLEM?

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Jawahar Rozgar Yojana is a (1) Area Development Programme (2) Anti poverty Programme (3) Functional Development Programme (4) Environmental protection Programme

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Which of the following Indian States recently participated in few rounds of talks with Union Government on the issue of autonomy to it? 1 Manipur 2 Mizoram 3 Sikkim 4 Jammu & Kashmir

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