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He newly-elected Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh is

1 Uma Bharati

2 Ajit Jogi

3 Raman Singh

4 None of these

He newly-elected Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh is 1 Uma Bharati 2 Ajit Jogi 3 Raman Singh ..

Answer / guest

Raman Singh

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During January, Northern hemisphere develops two high pressure centers. Which ones? (a) Siberian and Canadian (b) Icelandic and Aleutian (c) Indian and Iranian

1 Answers  

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between 1 Algae and roots of orchids 2 Protozoa and roots of higher plants 3 Bacteria and roots of higher plants 4 Fungi and roots of higher plants

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A satellite is revolving very near to the surface of the earth. What is its approximate period of revolution? (1) 3000 sec (2) 4000 sec (3) 5000 sec (4) 6000 sec

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Which one of the following places was the venue of the 1999 Miss World Contest? 1 Los Angeles 2 Japan 3 London 4 New Zealand

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The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is ? a) Carbon b) Silicon c) Hydrogen d) Aluminum

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Annual Economic Survey and Mid-year Reviews are brought out by 1 Commerce Ministry 2 Finance Ministry 3 RBI and CII 4 Economic Times

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Avalanches killed hundreds of people in which of the following States in India (in February 2005)? 1 Himachal Pradesh 2 Jammu & Kashmir 3 Arunachal Pradesh 4 Uttaranchal

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In living organisms the water acts as (1) Diluting agent (2) Physiological solvent (3) Lowers body temperature (4) None of the above

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12 Answers   UPSC,

The gland that directly regulates the rate of metabolism is the 1 Pituitary 2 Thymus 3 Thyroid 4 Parathyroid

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Which of the following type of the emergency has not been promulgated in our country so far? (a) Emergency due to an external attack (b) Emergency due to internal disturbances (c) Financial Emergency (d) Presidential Rule

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For which crop is black soil most congenial? (a) Cotton (b) Gram (c) Millet (d) Barley

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