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In August, 2003, the Union Government sanctioned the setting
up of….Agri-Export zones (AFZs) envisaging a total
investment of Rs.1326 crore including Centre’s assistance of
Rs.380 crore.

1 24

2 36

3 48

4 60

In August, 2003, the Union Government sanctioned the setting up of….Agri-Export zones (AFZs) envi..

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(3) 48

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Kanchanamala is a famous (1) Telugu Poetess of Modern Andhra (2) Lady Minister in the canbinet of T.Prakasam (3) Telugu cinema heroine of yester years (4) Andhra sports woman of international fame

1 Answers  

According to the Economic Survey for 2003-04, India is sustaining the growth momentum and achieving an annual growth averaging ??.a year. (a) 10-11 per cent (b) 9-10 per cent (c) 8-9 per cent (d) 7-8 per cent

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Which State has adopted Urdu as its official language? (a) Rajasthan (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Jammu & Kashmir

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Which famous war hero said: “you are remembered for the rules you break”? 1 Douglas MacArthur 2 Napoleon 3 Rommel 4 Lawrence of Arabia

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?Kalidas Samman? is conferred on distinguished personalities associated with the field of 1 Sports 2 Science & Technology 3 Music 4 None of these

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The center of low pressure is: (a) cyclone (b) anti-cyclone (c) clouds

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The statue of Kanishka with a broken head has been found at: (a) Mathura (b) Indraprastha (c) Brindaban (d) Hardwar

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The Speaker (a) Votes on every Bill (b) Votes on Money Bills only (c) Votes only to help the party in power (d) Has a casting vote in case of a tie

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. In which is the following states do we find uranium deposits? (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Bihar (c) Rajashthan (d) Only (b) and (c) (e) All of above

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The Meghdoot was written by: (a) Humayun Kabir (b) Khushwant Singh (c) Kalidasa (d) Banabhatta

3 Answers   Delhi Public School, SSC,

Which one of the following States possesses oil resources based on Geographical location? (a) Kerala (b) Nagaland (c) Assam (d) Meghalaya

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When discharge of a river cannot be accommodated within its normal channel, it causes: (a) base flow (b) floods (c) water flow

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