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“The Great Indian Dream” is jointly written by Malay
Chaudhuri and

1 Anita Desai

2 Arindam Chaudhuri

3 Rafique Zakaria

4 Mulk Raj Anand

“The Great Indian Dream” is jointly written by Malay Chaudhuri and 1 Anita Desai 2 Arinda..

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(2) Arindam Chaudhuri

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who is home minister of maharastra?

9 Answers  

Could seeding can (1) Create rain (2) Grow plants in space (3) Only increase rain (4) Change the course of rain

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Recently, India signed the Hawk deal with wahich of the following nations? 1 China 2 Britain 3 Isreal 4 Russia

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Which one among the following halogen acids is the most powerful reducing agent? (1) HI (2) HCl (3) HF (4) HBr

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Prorogation of Parliament means (1) Dissolution of Parliament (2) Adjournment of Parliament (3) End of a Parliament Session (4) None of the above

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A sustained and appreciable increase in the price level over a considerable period of time is known as 1 Devaluation 2 Depreciation 3 Inflation 4 Depression

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Which nation has adopted the system of Administrative Law?

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Which of the following is used as a filler in rubber tyres? 1 Graphite 2 Coal 3 Coke 4 Corbon black

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Japan is member of which of the following trading blocks? 1 NAFTA 2 APEC 3 SAFTA 4 Mercusor

1 Answers   Infosys,

I am appearing for IDBI assistant manager exam on dec 27 2009. I am not havin any idea abt the paper on finacial awareness.Plz guide abt wat tis paper consist...i m in very much need of it.Plz help me.

1 Answers   Idbi Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

Which of the following is not a vehicle from General Motors? 1 Vectra 2 Optra 3 Elantra 4 Tavera

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. Birds do not face the scarcity of water because (a) Excreting with mere water (b) Excreting without water (c) Excreting with less water (d) None of the above

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