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Which one of the following museums has the famous painting
titled Mona Lisa ?

1 British Meseum

2 New York City Museum

3 Louvre Museum

4 Borghese Gallery, Rome

Which one of the following museums has the famous painting titled Mona Lisa ? 1 British Meseum ..

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(3) Louvre Museum

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Which one of the following is popularly known as ?Lady with the Lamp?? (a) Mother Teresa (b) Florence Nightingale (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Isabella Archer

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The food in an onion is stored in the form of (A) cellulose (B) protein (C) starch (D) sugar

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If an apple is released from an orbiting spaceship. It will a) fall towards the earth b) move along with the spaceship at the same speed c) move at a higher speed d) move at a lower speed

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Who is the first lady Prime Minister of india?

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The credit for forming an all India organization of nationalist political workers goes to: (a) Dadabhai Naoroji (b) S.N. Banerjee (c) W.C. Bonerjee (d) A.O. Hume

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Which one of the following is not a federal feature of our Constitution? (a) Written Constitution (b) Single Citizenship (c) Double set of government (d) Fundamental Rights

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The low flat ground bordering the channel on one or both sides which is inundated by stream waters atleast once a year is: (a) flood plain (b) delta (c) swamps

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AFRIKANES are (1) The tribal of South Africa (2) The white settlers in South Africa (3) The Militant black groups in South Africa (4) None of the above

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Tipu Sultan was the ruler of (A) Vijaynagar (B) Madurai (C) Daultabad (D) Mysore

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The study of landforms is called: (a) geology (b) geomorphology (c) physical geography

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Of the following geographical regions of India which is not a plateau region? (1) Malwa (2) Dharwd (3) Konkan (4) Meghalaya

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How many major languages are recognized by the Constitution of India? 1 12 2 15 3 18 4 20

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