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Who among the following was defeated by Babar in the First
Battle of Panipat?

1 Bahlol Lodihi

2 Ibrahim lOdhi

3 Sikanda Lodhi

4 Daulat Khan Lodhi

Who among the following was defeated by Babar in the First Battle of Panipat? 1 Bahlol Lodihi ..

Answer / guest

(2) Ibrahim lOdhi

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Either house of the Parliament is authorized to declare the seat of a member vacant who remains absent without permission from all the meetings of that House for a period of (a) Sixty days (b) Fifty days (c) Seventy days (d) Ninety days

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The book ?Defending India? is authored by whom among the following ? (A) Jaswant Singh (B) J.N. Dixit (C) Gen. S.H.F.J. Manekshaw (D) George Fernandes

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When was a negative growth rate of population recorded in India? 1 1911-21 2 1921-31 3 1931-41 4 1941-51

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India and Russia recently agreed to extend their defence co-operation agreement till the end of the year??. 1 2000 2 2005 3 2010 4 2020

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Bharat Natyam is: (a) a solo dance (b) A feminine dance (c) devotional in spirit (d) all the three above

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Who built the rock-cut temples at Mahabalipuram? (a) King Narasimha Varman (b) Raja Simha Varman (c) Mahendra Varman (d) None of the three above

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Headquarters of World Trade Organisation (WTO) is located in 1 New York 2 Tokyo 3 Geneva 4 Berlin

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Prince of Wales Cup is associated with the game of : (a) Volleyball (b) Basketball (c) Polo (d) Golf

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Which one would you not find in the nucleus of an atom? (A) A proton (B) A neutron (C) An electron (D) None of the above

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The most populous country is: (a) Switzerland (b) Norway (c) Sweden (d) Denmark

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The secret society of revolutionaries which was organized by V D Savarkar in 1904 was: (a) Sandhya (b) Yugantar (c) Abhinav Bharat (d) Ghadar

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. Which of the following was the independent state during the Muhammad Bin Tuglaq’s period (a) Bijapur (b) Telingana (c) Hyasale (d) Madurai

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