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Gypsum is added to cement clinker to

1 Increase the tensile strength of cement

2 Bind the particles of calcium silicate

3 Decrease the rate of setting of cement

4 Facilitate the formation of colloidal gel

Gypsum is added to cement clinker to 1 Increase the tensile strength of cement 2 Bind the part..

Answer / guest

(3) Decrease the rate of setting of cement

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During the year 2002-03, which of the following commodities accounted for the highest amongst the agricultural imports by India, in terms of the value? 1 Cereals 2 Edible oils 3 Pulses 4 Sugar

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Please list out the government exams like TNPSC, DRDO etc that Computer science candidates are eligible?

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The ligaments join 1 Muscle to muscle 2 Bone to bone 3 Muscle to bone 4 None of these

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The Union government is planning to issue a notification under which all major construction projects costing over Rs?? will be required to have the clearance of Environment Ministry. 1 Rs.50 crore 2 Rs.100 crore 3 Rs.150 crore 4 Rs.200 crore

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The objective of fundamental rights in our constitution is to provide ? a) Better material conditions to the citizens b) Social Justice c) Equality and freedom to all citizens d) Economic Justice

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Which country withdraws from Arb League (1) Egypt (2) Iran (3) Kuwait (4) Libya

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In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by (a) Oxygen (b) Nitrogen (c) Ozone (d) Helium

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The upper limit of the atmosphere can be drawn at a distance of: (a) 10,000 km (b) 1,000 km (c) 100 km

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Why are the Fundamental Rights considered fundamental? (a) Necessary for the successful working of democratic institution (b) Basic to the welfare, dignity and happiness of the individual (c) Constitution is based on these (d) All of these (e) Only ?a? and ?b?

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Who amongst the following is the Director of ?Samar?, a film in making? 1 Shekhar Kapoor 2 Mani Rathnam 3 Shyam Benegal 4 Girish Karnad

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Electric power is expressed as: (1) Product of voltage and current (2) Sum of voltage and current (3) Only voltage (4) Ratio of voltage and current

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The year 1994 was observed by the UN as: (a) World Population Year (b) International Year of the Child (c) International Youth Year (d) International Year of Family

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