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The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is

1 Soft glass

2 Pyrex glass

3 Jena glass

4 Flint glass

The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is 1 Soft glass 2 Pyrex glass 3 Jena gla..

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(4) Flint glass

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?Anand Math? was written by: (a) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (b) Swami Vivekananda (c) Rabindranath Tagore (d) Sivananda

2 Answers  

. Given below is a dairy of disasters involving hazardous chemicals. Which one of the following is correctly matched? (a) 1959, Minamata / Nigaita, Japan : Leakage at pesticide plant (b) 1976, Seveso, Italy : Mercury discharged into waterways (c) 1984, Bhopal, India : Leakage of dioxin (d) 1987, Kotka, Finland : Monochlorobenzene split in harbour

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What rank does India occupy with regard to the size of population in the world? (a) First place (b) Second place (c) Third place (d) Fourth place

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Which State in India has the smallest area? 1 Haryana 2 Tripura 3 Sikkim 4 Goa

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How many times can the President of India return a non money bill passed by the Parliament? (a) Twice (b) Once (c) Thrice (d) Never

10 Answers   ESI, ESIC,

Who among the following was adjudged Man of the Tournament in the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in Dhaka (Bangladesh)? (a) Shikhar Dhawan (b) Irfan Pathan (c) Yuvraj Singh (d) Mohammad Gul

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Which of the following is a universal blood donor ? a) A b) B c) AB d) O

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Who amongst the following won the Four-Nation Telestra Challenge Women?s Jr.Hockey series held in May 1999? 1 South Africa 2 Australia 3 South Korea 4 India

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India is a: (a) Secular State (b) Bilingual State (c) Communist State (d) Capitalist State

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Why is it necessary to grow plants in an aquarium? (1) To increase the supply of oxygen to fishes (2) It beautifies the aquarium (3) To increase CO2 in the atmosphere (4) To give more food to fish

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Where was the first biosphere reserve set up in India? 1 Lakshadweep 2 Aravallis 3 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 4 Nilgiris

5 Answers   NTSE,

. Which of the following is the refineries (oil-field) of Assam : (a) Digboi (b) Manali (c) Hazira (d) Mathura

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