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The vast resources of unutilized natural gas can be used in the

production of

1 Graphite

2 Fertilizers

3 Synthetic petroleum

4 Carbide

The vast resources of unutilized natural gas can be used in the production of 1 Graphite 2 ..

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(2) Fertilizers

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The country?s longest Bailey Suspension Bridge will be built across which one of the following rivers? (A) Narmada (B) Ganga (C) Sutlej (D) Yamuna

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The recently installed Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Government in Uttar Pradesh is supported by (1) Samajwadi Party (SP) (2) Congress (3) Janata Dal(JD) (4) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

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Indian President and Prime Minister are replica of the heads of the State of which country? a) Britain b) U.S.A. c) Ireland d) U.S.S.R.

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Vis-?-vis the ambitious growth rate GDP projected by the Planning Commission, the growth rate targeted by the Finance Ministry is 1 3% 2 4% 3 5% 4 6%

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Non-stick kitchenware is coated with (A) Glass (B) Graphite (C) Teflon (D) Silicon

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The teacher-trainee who was rusticated from the college during the Vandemataram movement was : (1) Pattabhi Seetharamaiah (2) Godicherla Harisarvothama Rao (3) Nyapathi Subba Rao (4) A.L. Narasimha Rao

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Detection of Rh factor is an example of 1 Enzymatic reaction 2 Chemical reaction 3 Phagocytic reaction 4 Immunologic reaction

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When president can proclaim emergency on the written advice of the ? a) Prime Minister b) Chief Justice of India c) Union Cabinet d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

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The first definite step to provide Parliamentary control over East India Company was taken by 1 The Regulating Act 2 The Pitts India Act 3 The Charter Act of 1793 4 The Charter Act of 1813

1 Answers   UPSC,

The name of ancient place generally identified with the Indus Valley is: (1) Meluha (2) Niniveh (3) Sindon (4) Tyre

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What is the length of a cricket pitch? (a) 22 feet (b) 34 feet (c) 22 yards (d) 54 feet

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Which petroleum company has introduced an improved quality petrol introduced an improved quality petrol called ?Speed?? 1 Bharat Petroleum 2 Indian Oil 3 Hindustan Petroleum 4 None of these

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