Which of the following fibers is least prone to fire?

1 Rayon

2 Nylon

3 Cotton

4 Terycott

Which of the following fibers is least prone to fire? 1 Rayon 2 Nylon 3 Cotton 4 Terycot..

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(3) Cotton

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Which on of the following is wrong as far as the immunities of the President are concerned? (a) The President shall not be answerable to any court for the exercise and performance of the powers and duties of his office (b) No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President in any court during his term of office (c) Only the Supreme Court can issue the warrants for the arrest or imprisonment of the President (d) None of these

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The oldest rocks formed from molten magma (1) Igneous rocks (2) Sedimentary rocks (3) Metamorphic rocks (4) None of the above

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The Government of India has released a sum of Rs??.. for revamping Steel Authority of India 1 Rs.2,000 crore 2 Rs.6,000 crore 3 Rs.8,000 crore 4 Rs.5,000 crore

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The year in which he Battle of Padmanabha was fought in Andhra (1) 1794 (2) 1799 (3) 1803 (4) 1805

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. What is one special feature of the Gold-mine in India (a) The Gold produced here is reddish in colour (b) It produces the finest quality of Gold (c) It is the deepest gold mine in the world (d) None of these

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Name the Indian born scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his work in genetic engineering : (1) Dr. J.C. Bose (2) Dr. H.G. Khorana (3) Dr. C.V. Raman (4) Rabindranath Tagore

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Which metal is used for galvansing iron to immunize at against rusting? (A) Tin (B) Nickel (C) Zinc (D) Copper

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Which is the largest food crop produced in India? (a) Maize (b) Rice (c) Wheat (d) Jowar

3 Answers   Rice Research Institute,

The President is considered an integral part of: (a) Parliament (b) Rajya Sabha (c) Lok Sabha (d) judiciary

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Bhaskara-II was launched in November 1981 from: (a) an aerodrome in Paris (b) a US Space Platform (c) a Soviet Cosmodrome (d) an Indian Launching Pad

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