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In an atomic nucleus, neutrons and protons are held together by

1 Gravitational forces

2 Magnetic forces

3 Exchange force

4 Coulombic forces

In an atomic nucleus, neutrons and protons are held together by 1 Gravitational forces 2 Magne..

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(3) Exchange force

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Who among the following ladies has/have been Governor(s) of a State/States? 1.Rajinder Kaur Bhattal 2.Shailja Chandra 3.Justice Fatima Beevi Select the correct answer using the codes given below : (a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 3 only (d) 1, 2 and 3

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In which State of India is an evergreen tropical forest to be found? (a) Arunachal Pradesh (b) Jammu & Kashmir (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Kerala

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Who amng the following Vijayanagara rulers, resolved the conflict between the jainas and the Vaishnavas? (1) Devaraya II (2) Harihara I (3) Bukka I (4) Saluva Narasimha

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According to Dalton?s atomic theory, the smallest particle which can exist independently is 1 An atom 2 A molecule 3 A cation 4 An anion

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The provisions of which one of the following articles have never been used by the Government? (a) 352 (b) 356 (c) 360 (d) All have been used

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Shashanka, the King of Gaur, was a contemporary of : (a) Chandragupta II (b) Harshvardhana (c) Mahipala (d) Ballala Sena

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Grand Trunk Road was built by (1) Akbar (2) Babar (3) Sher Shah (4) Aurangzeb

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Directive Principles of State Policy aim at: (a) ensuring individual liberty (b) ensuring and strengthening the country?s independence (c) protecting the depressed classes (d) providing social and economic base for genuine democracy in the country

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From Delhi Mohammad-bin-Tughlak transferred his capital to: (a) Warangal (b) Daulatabad (c) Fatehpur Sikri (d) Ahmadnagar

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Feeding of colostrums is important for young calves because 1 It is tasty 2 It contains iron 3 It contains antibodies 4 It supplies growth proteins

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For securing home rule for Indians Mrs. Annie bezant started Home Rule Movement in: (a) 1905 (b) 1916 (c) 1911 (d) 1906

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Arrange the given words in order in which they occur in the dictionary ?

0 Answers   AAI Airports Authority Of India,