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One of the characters that distinguishes a frog from a toad is

1 External ear

2 Tail

3 Warty skin

4 Tongue

One of the characters that distinguishes a frog from a toad is 1 External ear 2 Tail 3 Wart..

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(3) Warty skin

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The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is 1 Soft glass 2 Pyrex glass 3 Jena glass 4 Flint glass

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India receives the major portion of its rainfall from (1) Cyclone winds (2) Southwest monsoon winds (3) North west monsoon winds (4) None of these

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When there is no majority party in the State Legislative Assembly, the principal consideration governing the choice of the Chief Minister by the Governor of the state is the (1) ability of the person who is most likely to command a stable majority (2) Largest political party in the Legislative Assembly (3) The combination of several parties as a unit (4) The loyalty and support of the party members to their respective party programmers.

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When a river near the sea divides into many small channels, the channels are known as: (a) distributaries (b) tributaries (c) cascade

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Suja, the second son of Shahjahan, was the ruler of the: (a) Deccan (b) Kandhar (c) Bengal (d) Ahmednagar

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Which of the part of constitution deals with the directive principles of state policy ? a) Part III b) Part IV c) Part V d) Part II

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The most important nationalist organization (all India) before the Congress was: (a) the Indian Association of Calcutta (b) the Poona Sarvajanik Sabha (c) the East India Association (d) the Bombay Presidency Association

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The headquarters of the ILO are at: (a) The Hague (b) New York (c) Paris (d) Geneva

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Which one of the following rights was described as the ?hear and soul of the Constitution? by Dr. Ambedkar? (a) Right to Equality (b) Right to Freedom of Religion (c) Right to Freedom (d) Right to Constitutional Remedies

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Which of the following nations is the highest defaulter in payment of its dues to the UN? (A) USA (B) India (C) China (D) Pakistan

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The end point of the imaginary axis is called: (a) Pole (b) Point (c) Selva

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What abt question in indian oil

0 Answers   IOCL,