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Feeding of colostrums is important for young calves because

1 It is tasty

2 It contains iron

3 It contains antibodies

4 It supplies growth proteins

Feeding of colostrums is important for young calves because 1 It is tasty 2 It contains iron ..

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(3) It contains antibodies

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The present Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is (1) Prof. U.R. Rao (2) Dr. K. Kasturirangan (3) Prof. S. Dhawan (4) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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India?s populating is likely to reach at which level during 2026 A.D.? 1 1 billion 2 1.2 billion 3 1.4 billion 4 1.6 billion

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Terrace cultivation is undertaken mainly (1) On hill tops (2) In undulating tracts (3) On mountain lopes (4) In semi-urban areas

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In November 1921, huge demonstrations greeted: (a) the Prince of Wales (b) the Simon Commission (c) King George V (d) the Cabinet Mission

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Who among the following took the title of ?Vkramaditya?? 1 Chandragupta I 2 Chandragupta II 3 Samudragupta 4 Sakandagupta

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The Mahalnobis model used as the basis for India?s Second Five Year Plan was originally conceived by: (1) Alec Nove (2) L.V. Kantorouch (3) G.A. Feldaman (4) V.S. Nemchinov

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For the amendment of the Indian Constitution there are (a) Four methods (b) Two methods (c) Three methods (d) Five methods

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Which of the following famous world leaders has announced his/her retirement from active politics? 1 Bill Clinton 2 Benazir Bhutto 3 Tony Blair 4 Nelson Mandela

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Bangladesh has decided to purchase MiG-29 fighter planes from 1 Russia 2 China 3 France 4 Germany

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Electroencephalogram is used for ? a) Measuring changes in temperature b) Maintaining constant temperature c) Recording the changes in electric potential in brain areas d) None of these

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What is a sponge? 1 A plant 2 An animal 3 A fungus 4 A fossil

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Aswar Ibrahim, who was recently in the news, is the former 1 Prime Minister of Malaysia 2 Deputy Prime Minister of Morocco 3 Prime Minister of Morocco 4 Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

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