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The amount of light entering the eye is regulated by

1 Cornea

2 Pupil

3 Iris

4 Sclera

The amount of light entering the eye is regulated by 1 Cornea 2 Pupil 3 Iris 4 Sclera..

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(3) Iris

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Radial Karatomy, a surgical procedure, is used to cure 1 Cataract 2 Myopia 3 Astigmatism 4 Hyper metropia

2 Answers  

Who among the following has issued various accounting standards to be followed by the various companies in India? (1) Registrar of Companies (2) Ministry of Finance, Government of India (3) Accounting Standards Board of ICAI (4) Indian Bureau of Standards (5) World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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APEC is an abbreviation for (1) Atlantic Peace Economic Co-operation (2) All Party Economic Conference (3) Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (4) None of the above

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If there is any disagreement between the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha over a Bill, the President will convene a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament within a period of (a) One year (b) Two years (c) Six months (d) Five years

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The velocity of sound in damp air is (1) Less than that in dry air (2) Greater than that in dry air (3) Equal to that in dry air (4) Independent of humidity

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The greatest Indian works of art in metal have been produced in: (a) North India (b) South India (c) North East India (d) West and North India

1 Answers   RRB,

In the context of stock market, the abbreviation IPO stands for 1 Immediate Payment Order 2 Internal Policy Obligation 3 Intial Public Offering 4 None of these

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The Prime Minister of India is: (1) The chairman of Rajya Sabha (2) Leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha (3) Vice-President of the Rulling Party (4) President of the Ruling Party

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The maximum strength of the Rajya Sabha is (a) 250 (b) 270 (c) 300 (d) 545

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FERA has been replaced by: (A) FETA (B) FEMA (C) Foreign Exchange Bill (D) None of he above

7 Answers   FEMA,

Where is Halebid-a place which is well known for its elaboratedly sculptured temples of the Hoysala period? 1 Karanataka 2 Orissa 3 Maharashtra 4 Tamil Nadu

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The most widely consumed cereal in our country is: (A) Wheat (B) Barley (C) Rice (D) None of these

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