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In a normal human being, food takes about?? hours to reach
the end

of the intestine for complete absorption.

1 4

2 8

3 12

4 16

In a normal human being, food takes about?? hours to reach the end of the intestine for complete..

Answer / guest

(3) 12

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The Union List contains: (a) 97 items (b) 66 items (c) 47 items (d) 237 items

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Who got the Rammon Magases Award 2007 this year.

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Which of the following is not a fertilizer mineral? (a) Nitrate (b) Tungsten (c) Phosphate (d) Potash (e) Sulphur

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When was decimal coinage introduced in India? 1 1947 2 1950 3 1957 4 1960

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Fives Indian Cricket players are picked up to play in English countries recently. Who amongst the following is NOT one of them? 1 Ashish Nehra 2 Rahul Dravid 3 Yuvraj singh 4 Javagal Srinath

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The Council of Ministers of Indian Union is collectively responsible to the 1 President 2 Prime Minister 3 Rajya Sabha 4 Lok Sabha

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The President of India is the: (a) Head of the State (b) Head of Government (c) Head of State as well as Government (d) None of these

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Which of the following battles changed the destiny of a Mughal ruler of India? (a) Haldighati (b) Panipat II (c) Khanua (d) Chausa

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During Maurayan period Brahmi script was prevalent in India. It was: (a) written from right to left (b) spoken by elite (c) the language of the priests only (d) the language of the common masses

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When did Britain conduct her first nuclear explosion? (A) 1946 (B) 1962 (C) 1952 (D) 1972

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Credit Cards are becoming a popular mode of purchase. In monetary terms, they are known as: (A) Euro Money (B) Hard Money (C) Soft Money (D) Plastic Money

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