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A colour blind person has difficulty in distinguishing between

which colours?

1 Black and blue

2 Green and Violet

3 White and Yellow

4 Green and Red

A colour blind person has difficulty in distinguishing between which colours? 1 Black and blue..

Answer / guest

(4) Green and Red

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Which of these is the smallest country in Europe? (a) Vatican City (b) Monaco (c) Andorra (d) Luxembourg

1 Answers  

The Nobel Prize 2003 for Peace has been awarded to 1 Shirin Ebadi 2 Anthony J.Leggette 3 Robert F.Engle 4 PeterAgre

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. The 66½0 lattitude is called (a) Arctic circle (b) Line of illumination (c) Antarctic circle (d) Temperature zone

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On the death of his father Ashoka ascended the throne of Magadha in : (a) 323 BC (b) 326 BC (c) 269 BC (d) 120 AD

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Which of the following birds has webbed feet? 1 Hen 2 Duck 3 Peacock 4 Pigeon

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Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act 1992 makes provisions for (1) The Panchayats (2) The Urban Government (3) More power to State Government (4) Election Commission

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Which is the most densely populated country? (a) Pakistan (b) Bangladesh (c) India (d) China

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The army of Alexander refused to cross the Beas and proceed further to the east because: (a) it was afraid of the Magadha army (b) it had traveled far away from home (c) it was home-sick (d) All the above

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Which one of the following is a water soluble vitamin? (1) Vitamin D2 (2) Vitamin D3 (3) Vitamin A (4) Ascorbic acid

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The Union Minister of Commerce & Industry is 1 P.Chidambaram 2 Kamal Natah 3 Sharad Pawar 4 None of these

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Which of the following is not correctly matched ? a) Galena : Lead Sulphide b) Green Vitriol: Copper Sulphate c) Plaster of Paris: Calcium Sulphate d) Calomel : Mercurous chloride

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The youngest member of Parliament in the newly constituted 14th Lok Sabha belongs to which of the following parties ? (a) BJP (b) Congress (c) Shiv Sena (d) JD(U)

7 Answers   SSC,