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A gas first enters into the blood and then leaves it by the

process of

1 Diffusion

2 Osmosis

3 Transpiration

4 Condensation

A gas first enters into the blood and then leaves it by the process of 1 Diffusion 2 Osmosi..

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(1) Diffusion

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India has sanctioned a loan of Rs.200 crore to which of the following countries in Indian sub-continent during the Indian Prime Minister?s recent visit? 1 Nepal 2 Bangladesh 3 Bhutan 4 Sri Lanka

1 Answers  

Which of the following countries became the 24th member of the ASEAN Regional forum in July 2004? (a) Pakistan (b) Indonesia (c) China (d) Japan

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. A is half the value of B and total of A and B is 96. what is the value of B (a) 64 (b) 32 (c) 16 (d) 48

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Grand Trunk Road was built by (1) Akbar (2) Babar (3) Sher Shah (4) Aurangzeb

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The world’s largest non-capital city is 1 New York 2 Shanghai 3 Mumbai 4 Kolkata

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Of which movement, Chaitanya was the founder? (A) Vaishnava Sect (B) Saivaite Sect (C) Bhakti Movement (D) Sufism

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The increase in the world population has been accompanied by a major shift in its distribution. The share of the developed countries in the world population is approximately 1 15% 2 25% 3 38% 4 33%

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The line demarcating the boundary between India and Pakistan is: (a) Durand Line (b) MacMohan Line (c) Radcliff Line (d) Maginot Line

14 Answers   Lokmat, Radcliff, SSC,

what are the risks of unprotected sex?

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Why do migratory birds go back to their earlier habitat in spring? Because of 1 Weather becoming too hot in the regions 2 Scarcity of food in the regions to which they have migrated 3 Breeding instinct with change n climate and they breed only in their original habitat 4 Hunting season commencing in spring

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The President can be removed from his office only on the grounds of (a) Violation of the Constitution (b) Disobedience of the orders of the Supreme Court (c) Clashing with his Cabinet (d) Showing favours to the members of his family

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With what subject do the Articles 5 to 8 of the Constitution of India deal? 1 Details of Indian Union and its territory 2 Citizenship 3 Fundamental duties 4 Union Executive

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