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Water has maximum density at

1 -10c

2 00c

3 40c

4 1000c

Water has maximum density at 1 -10c 2 00c 3 40c 4 1000c..

Answer / guest

(3) 40c

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Kuchipudi, a dance drama has originated from? (a) Gujarat (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Kerala (d) Orissa

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The film that won the Best Feature Film Award announced by the jury of the 49th National Film Awards was 1 Lagaan 2 Dedas 3 Tiladaanam 4 Dweepa

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In which atmospheric layer do most of the atmospheric phenomenon take place? (a) Troposphere (b) Mesosphere (c) Exosphere

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Metamorphosis of tadpole into full grown frog may be accelerated by the administration of (1) FSH (2) LH (3) Thyroxine (4) Adrenalin

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The crop which is sown with the commencement of Monsoon is: (a) Rabi crop (b) Kharif crop (c) Cash crop (d) None of these

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Who among these is Oddisee Dancer. 1. Hema Malini 2. Megha Panighari

9 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

In the manufacture of bread, the dough rises because of. (A) The action of heat in the baking process. (B) The capillary action of water in the dough. (C) The evaporation of water used in kneading the dough. (D) The releasing action of carbon dioxide formed during the fermentation process.

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Which of the following States is adjudged superior to most State in India in human development? (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Gujarat (3) Maharashtra (4) Karnataka (5) None of these

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how can i say the time is money

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sir, please tell me Ministrial Head constable woman Height 153cm

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The history of architecture and sculpture in south India begins with the (a) Pallavas (b) Cholas (c) Chalukyas (d) Pandyas

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In metabolism, enzymes act as ? a) Promoter b) Catalyst c) Oxidant d) Reluctant

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