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. Ten percent of twenty plus twenty percent of ten equals

(a) 10 percent of 20

(b) 20 percent of 10

(c) 1 percent of 200

(d) 2 percent of 200

. Ten percent of twenty plus twenty percent of ten equals (a) 10 percent of 20 (b) 20 percent ..

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(d) 2 percent of 200

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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

The purpose of the Essential Services Act in India is to: (a) arrest anti-Government people (b) maintain essential services in vital sectors of economy (c) arrest anti-social elements (d) deal with the opposition parties

1 Answers  

Sodium metal is kept under 1 Water 2 Alcohol 3 Petrol 4 Kerosene

7 Answers  

The Constitution of India was passed on (a) 26th January, 1950 (b) 26th January, 1949 (c) 26th January, 1951 (d) 26th November, 1949

5 Answers   Gammon, SSA,

The first Indian passenger plane is named after 1 A natural element 2 A statesman 3 A bird 4 A warrior

1 Answers  

What does the acronym CTBT stand for? 1 Continued Test Ban Treaty 2 Commercial Test Based Traiff 3 Continue Test Based Treatment 4 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

1 Answers  

. Convertibility of the rupee implies (a) Being able to convert rupee notes into gold (b) Allowing the value of the rupee to be fixed by market forces (c) Freely permitting the conversion of rupee to other major currencies and vice versa (d) Developing an international market for currencies in India

4 Answers   BPSC, Paramount,

?Coral ring? is: (A) an astronomical ring (B) a type of jewellery (C) a file organisation (D) an economic term

2 Answers  

Who among the following was elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha in October 1999 after the formation of the new Union Government by the NDA? 1 P.M.Sayeed 2 Prakash Choudhary 3 Najma Heptullah 4 G.M.C.Balayogi

1 Answers  

The title enjoyed by Parvataneni Veeraiah Chowdhary (1) Andhra Kesari (2) Andhra Bebbuli (3) Andhra Shivaji (4) None of the above

2 Answers  

In human body, the leg bones are ? a) Humerus & Femur b) Febula & Tibia c) Fibula & Ulna d) Tibia & Radius

1 Answers  

The system of Sati was abolished in India during the governor-generalship of: (a) Lord Cornwallis (b) Lord Dalhousie (c) Lord Ripon (d) Lord William Bentick

5 Answers   NDA,

How many times National Emergency has been declared in India? 1 Only once 2 Twice 3 Thrice 4 Never

14 Answers   Karvy, Microsoft, SSC,