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. The square root of the cube of this number is the cube of
its square root. It is not 1 and it is less than 6. What is it?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

. The square root of the cube of this number is the cube of its square root. It is not 1 and it is ..

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(c) 4

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Remains of harappa city have been unearthed in (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Bihar (3) New Delhi (4) Gujarat

4 Answers  

The main reason for the development of jute textile industry along Hooghly side is (1) Abundant supply of coal (2) Abundant supply of water (3) Abundant supply of raw material (4) Export oriented origin of jute industry

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Single out the false statement pertaining to the International Court of Justice: (a) Its judges are elected (b) Its decisions are not enforceable (c) It is the Principal Judicial organ of the United Nations (d) In case of non-implementation of the decision the further redressal of national grievances is not feasible

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Which of the following is good evidence for concluding that glaciers once covered Canada? (a) Rocs containing melted ice have been found throughout Canada (b) Radioactive decay of uranium in Canadian rocks has been measured (c) Scratches on surface rocks in Canada look like scratches made by known glaciers (d) Only glaciers could have formed the high Canadian mountains (e) Canada has a cold climate which glaciers need in order to keep from melting

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Directive Principles of State Policy are (a) Those moral principles which are fundamental in the foreign affairs of the country (b) The instruments of instructions for the guidance of the policy (c) The instruments of instructions for the guidance of the governments both at the Centre and the State levels for the establishment of a just and egalitarian society in Indian (d) None of these

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Of the following, which is the most direct cause of the tides on earth? (a) The tilt of earth?s poles (b) The magnetic field of the earth (c) The slope of land near the shoreline (d) The revolution of the earth about (e) The effect of the moon?s gravitational pull on earth

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In which year Five Year PLan in India was let off?

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Pulitzer Prizes of the US are awarded for 1 Music 2 Films 3 Print Journalism 4 None of these

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The Iran-Iraq war started for exclusive possession of: (a) Iranian oil refineries (b) Shatt-al-Arab region (c) the territory already captured by Iran from Jordan and Iraq both (d) The whole of Western Iran

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Which of the following represents the value of the India?s export to Bangladesh during 1998-99 (in Rs.Crore) 1 1268 2 1570 3 3250 4 4060

1 Answers  

?Farewell to Arms? is a famous novel written by: (a) Ernest Hemingway (b) Goethe (c) G B Shaw (d) E Bronte

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. The age of Harappan Civilization determined by (a) Harappan seals at Mesopotamia (b) Mesopotamia seals at Harappa (c) Harappan sites (d) Carbon-14

3 Answers