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. The shortest air-route from Perth to London is

(a) Perth, Bombay, Rome, London

(b) Perth, Ankara, Paris, London

(c) Perth, Aden, Paris, London

(d) Perth, Mombasa, Rome, London

. The shortest air-route from Perth to London is (a) Perth, Bombay, Rome, London (b) Perth, An..

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(b) Perth, Ankara, Paris, London

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A colour blind person has difficulty in distinguishing between which colours? 1 Black and blue 2 Green and Violet 3 White and Yellow 4 Green and Red

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Punjab-born Ujjal Desanjh has recently been appointed Canada?s (a) Education Minister (b) Health Minister (c) Home Minister (d) Foreign Minister

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. Which one of the following approaches comes under the category of biotechnology? (a) Use of living organisms or substances obtained from them in industrial processes (b) Modernizing the commercial industries to produce products for use in biological research (c) Use of modern technology to investigate biological disorders (d) Use of industrial technology to increase the biosphere

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. Which one of the following colloidal systems is represented by fog? (a) Liquid in gas (b) Gas in liquid (c) Solid in gas (d) Liquid in liquid

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Among the following planets, which one takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun? (a) Earth (b) Jupiter (c) Mars (d) Venus

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what is the extension of the EPF, GPF, PPF, How is they differ from each other, explain it briefly,

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Name India?s first listed IT firm to have crossed $1 billion turnover. 1 Infosys 2 Satyam 3 Polaris 4 Wipro

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The new name of the Abyssinia is???.. A. Eritrea B. Zaire C. Ethiopia D. Namibia

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Mrs Junko Tabei, who created history on May 16, 1975 by becoming the world?s first woman to reach the 8,848 metre (29,002 ft) high Everest peak belongs to which of the following countries ? (a) Japan (b) Tibet (c) Thailand (d) Nepal

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Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 are suspended during emergency caused by ? a) War or external aggression b) Failure of constitutional machinery of a state c) Internal armed rebellion d) Financial crisis

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. Match the following sentences : A - Fatwa-i-Almgiri 1. Minhajuddin Siraj B - Tabqrat-i-Nasiri 2. Amir Khusaro C - Khazain-ul-Fututa 3. Aurangzeb D - Kitab-i-Nanras 4. Ibrahim Adil Shah-II (a) A B C D 3 1 4 2 (b) A B C D 3 1 2 4 (c) A B C D 2 1 3 4 (d) A B C D 4 3 1 2

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How many players are there in each side in the game of Netball? (a) 11 (b) 6 (c) 9 (d) 7

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