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. Live well, as long as you live. Live well even by
borrowing, for, once cremated, there is no return.’ This
rejection of after-life is an aphorism of the

(a) Kapalika sect

(b) Sunyavada of Nagarjuna

(c) Ajivikas

(d) Charvakas

. Live well, as long as you live. Live well even by borrowing, for, once cremated, there is no retu..

Answer / guest

(d) Charvakas

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The Non-Plan expenditure in the Union Budget for 2004-05 is estimated at (a) Rs. ,32,239 crore (b) Rs. 3,82,682 crore (c) Rs. 3,69,217 crore (d) Rs. 3,74,118 crore

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The 1,250 km long LPG pipeline runs from ????. to ????. (A) Kutch to Mathura (B) Vizag to Secanderabad (C) Jamnagar to Loni (D) Digboi to Rewari

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Which of the following two major satellite channels were in the news because of their merger which ultimately did not take place? 1 Sony Entertainment Television and Star Television 2 Zee Tele Films and Star Television 3 Star Television and CNN 4 None of these

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The line demarcating the boundary between India and Pakistan is: (a) Durand Line (b) MacMohan Line (c) Radcliff Line (d) Maginot Line

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What is the name of the currency of Belgium? 1 Dollar 2 Sterling 3 Peseta 4 Franc

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The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in (A) New Delhi (B) Bangalore (C) Pune (D) Chennai

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When did NATO start?

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Rani Durgavati, the Queen of ??? committed suicide to escape disgrace at the hands of the Moghul army. (a) Gujarat (b) Jodhpur (c) Mewar (d) Gondowana

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When earth is closest to the sun, it is at: (a) perihelion (b) aphelion (c) kames

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The tercentenary celebrations of Khalsa Panth were mainly organized at which of the following places? 1 Amritsar 2 New Delhi 3 Nanded 4 Anandpur Saheb

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Production management tools like kanban was pioneered in the shop floors of 1 General Motors in USA 2 Toyota in Japan 3 Sony in Japan 4 Nissan in Japan

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Where is Farakka Barrage located ? (a) Orissa (b) Bihar (c) West Bengal (d) Assam

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