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. In an electronic watch, the component corresponding to
pendulum of a pendulum clock is a

(a) Transistor

(b) Crystal oscillator

(c) Diode

(d) Balance wheel

. In an electronic watch, the component corresponding to pendulum of a pendulum clock is a (a) T..

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(b) Crystal oscillator

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What abt question in indian oil

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Hi i applied specialist officers(computer science) in corporation bank. did any body know about the status of the recruitment?

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Which of the following is the correct chronological order of the Prime Ministers in India ? I. Indira Gandhi II. Jawaharlal Nehru III. Morarji Desai IV. Charan Singh (a) I, II, III, IV (b) II, III, I, IV (c) II, I, III, IV (d) III, II, IV, I

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3. ISRO has launched successfully ten satellites through PSLV-C9 on - A. 15th March,2008 B. 30th March,2008 C. 28th April,2008 D. 4th May,2008

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How do the centripetal forces pull a body? (A) Upwards (B) Downwards (C) Inwards (D) Outwards

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National sport of Australia is: (a) Football (b) Cricket (c) Hockey (d) Tennis

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The results of the 17th Livestock Census were released recently. Which of the following states ranks first in the area as it has maximum number of livestock in the country? 1 Gujarat 2 Bihar 3 Madhya Pradesh 4 Uttar Pradesh

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Can the qualifications for acquiring natural citizenship be waived? Under which conditions can these be waived? (a) Yes, if a person has rendered distinguished service to the cause of science or art, philosophy or literature (b) Yes, if the applicant has rendered service for world peace (c) Yes, if the applicant has worked for human progress in general (d) All of the above mentioned

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The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha participate in the election of (a) The President and the Vice-President of India (b) Chairman of U.P.S.C. and other Members of the U.P.S.C. (c) Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (d) Prime Minister and other Ministers

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Who was the first recipient of Nehru Award for international Understanding? (a) Martin Luther King (b) Mother Teresa (c) U Thant (d) Dr Jonas Salk

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Which of the following Indian States recently participated in few rounds of talks with Union Government on the issue of autonomy to it? 1 Manipur 2 Mizoram 3 Sikkim 4 Jammu & Kashmir

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. The Ryotwari Settlement was introduced by the British in the (a) Bengal Presidency (b) Madras Presidency (c) Bombay Presidency (d) Madras and Bombay Presidencies

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