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. Which one of the following is a language of Baluchistan
but linguistically Dravidian?

(a) Brahui

(b) Kui

(c) Parji

(d) Pengo

. Which one of the following is a language of Baluchistan but linguistically Dravidian? (a) Brah..

Answer / guest

(a) Brahui

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In how many lists does the Constitution divide powers between the Central government and the States? (a) Three (b) Two (c) Four (d) One

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With whom the sole power to control the expenditure of the Government of India rests? (1) Parliament (2) The Prime Minister (3) The Lok Sabha (4) The Finance Minister

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What is the name of India?s first satellite launched from Soviet Cosmodrome on April 19,1975? 1 Apple 2 Bhaskara 3 Rohini 4 Aryabhatta

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Indian agriculture sector provides: (a) livelihood to about 64% of the labour force (b) contributes nearly 26% of the GDP (c) accounts for about 18% share of the total value of India?s export (d) all the three above

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The study of landforms is called: (a) geology (b) geomorphology (c) physical geography

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A ship sailing in a river passes into the sea. It will 1 Remain at the same level 2 Rise up a little 3 Sink a little 4 Rise or sink depending upon its load

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ir, I have qualified in the sbi clerical test .Now my interview is on 29-05-2009.So pls tell me what questions are asked in the interview and tell me the reference book for interview in sbi.

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A solution with PH = 2 is more acidic than a solution of PH = 6 by a factor os (A) 4 (B) 12 (C) 400 (D) 1000

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Biological death of a patient means death of tissues of the 1 Kidney 2 Heart 3 Lungs 4 Brain

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Irrigation is essential for India because : (a) it has variable rainfall (b) irrigated land produces higher yields (c) it is easy to dig up canals etc. (d) it is cheaper and time saving

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Who wrote the book “Selling The Dream”? 1 Steve Jobs 2 Guy Kawasaki 3 Shiv Khera 4 Philip Goldberg

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The first Session of the Indian National Congress was shifted from Poona to Bombay almost at the eleventh hour because 1 The leader of the Bombay Presidency Association were against holding the first meeting of the Congress at Poona 2 The Bombay Governor agreed to A.O.Hume?s proposal to act as First President o;f the Congress 3 Bombay as the capital of the Presidency would help the conference attract more attention if it was held there 4 An outbreak of cholera in Poona forced the organizers of the First Session of the Congress to shift its venue from Poona to Bombay

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