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. Which one of the following types of borrowing from the IMF
has the softest servicing conditions?

(a) Second tranche loan

(b) SAF

(c) ESAF

(d) Oil facility

. Which one of the following types of borrowing from the IMF has the softest servicing conditions? ..

Answer / guest

(c) ESAF

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. Vidhushaka, a common character in Sanskrit drama, is invariably a (a) Brahmana (b) Kshatriya (c) Vaisya (d) Shudra

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. Among the four works mentioned below which one is encyclopedic in nature (a) Amarakosa (b) Siddhantasiromani (c) Brhat Samhita (d) Ashtangahydaya

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What is the position of President in the executive? (a) Real executive (b) Constitutional head of the government (c) Constitutional head of the State (d) Head of the party in power

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The deposition of materials made by a stream where it flows into a body of standing water is known as : (a) delta (b) alluvial fans (c) natural level

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Which of the following countries won the Seventh ?World Cup Cricket? Finals held in June 1999? 1 Pakistan 2 England 3 New Zealand 4 None of these

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Cashew-nut is produced in large quantities in which state? (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Karnataka (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Kerala

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Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 1 Baffin Bay : Canada 2 Gulf of California : USA 3 Gulf of Panama : Colombia 4 Caribbean Sea : Honduras

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the sole power to control the expenditure of the government rests with

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n-Butane and isobutene are 1 Optical isomers 2 Chain isomers 3 Position isomers 4 Functional isomers

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. Examine the following statements: 1. Either A and B are of the same age or A is older than B. 2. Either C and D are of the same age or D is older than C. 3. B is older than C. Which one of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above statements? (a) A is older than B (b) B and D are of the same age (c) D is older than C (d) A is older than C

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. Match the following sentences : A - Fatwa-i-Almgiri 1. Minhajuddin Siraj B - Tabqrat-i-Nasiri 2. Amir Khusaro C - Khazain-ul-Fututa 3. Aurangzeb D - Kitab-i-Nanras 4. Ibrahim Adil Shah-II (a) A B C D 3 1 4 2 (b) A B C D 3 1 2 4 (c) A B C D 2 1 3 4 (d) A B C D 4 3 1 2

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Which one of the following is NOT a key policy development 8in Indian telecom sector? 1 The international long distance business was opened up for unrestricted entry 2 The monopoly of VSNL over international Long Distance (ILD) service was ended and VSNL was privatized 3 Large number of villages covered through Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) 4 Radio Frequency Spectrum allocation is being done away with

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