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. Which of the following was the Rana of Mewar who fought
against Aurangzeb

(a) Rana Jagat Singh

(b) Raja Singh

(c) Ajit Singh

(d) Jaswant Singh

. Which of the following was the Rana of Mewar who fought against Aurangzeb (a) Rana Jagat Singh..

Answer / guest

(c) Ajit Singh

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The satellite-based tele-network POLNET developed in India will be able to link which of the following throughout the country? 1 About 11000 police stations 2 1000 police stations 3 2000 major hospitals 4 All the railway stations

2 Answers  

Cumulus clouds generally give: (a) torrential rain (b) steady and persistent rain (c) no rain at all

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As per rough estimates, the number of direct tax assesses in India at present is around?? 1 25 million 2 12 million 3 35 million 4 5 million

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Kyoto Protocol with came into effect from February 2005 is associated with which of the following fields? 1 Global Warming 2 Use of Nuclear Power for peaceful purposes 3 Sharing of water of international rivers 4 Exchange of information about drug trafficking

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Which longitude is known as the Prime Meridian? (a) 00 longitude (b) 00E longitude (c) 00W longitude

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Which from the following is not a gland? (a) Stomach (b) Liver (c) Kidney (d) Pancreas

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Which is not a brand from Godrej Group? 1 Ezee 2 Fair Glow 3 Harpic 4 Cinthol

2 Answers   Harpic, Rail GD,

The water realm of the earth is called: (a) hydrosphere (b) lithosphere (c) heterosphere

2 Answers   Zen Technologies,

. Which one of the following crops enriches the nitrogen content in soil? (a) Potato (b) Sorghum (c) Sunflower (d) Pea

6 Answers   AFCAT, Indian Air Force, Lakme, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell, SSC,

Regarding the re-election of the Vice-President our (a) Constitution places as a clear ban (b) Constitution is absolutely silent (c) Constitution prescribes re-election only once (d) Constitution prescribes re-election for a maximum period of two terms

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Noise pollution is measure in 1 Microns 2 Nautical miles 3 Amperes 4 Decibels

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National Science day is observed on (A) February 15 (B) February 28 (C) March 5 (D) March 15

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