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. Isobars are the lines drawn on the map through the places

(a) The same atmospheric pressure

(b) The same temperature

(c) The same altitude

(d) None of these

. Isobars are the lines drawn on the map through the places having (a) The same atmospheric pres..

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(a) the same atmospheric pressure

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Two high tides occur after an average interval of: (a) 24 hours 2 minutes (b) 12 hours 26 minutes (c) 14 hours (d) 8 hours

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Which of the following colours are mixed to bring out the several colours seen on TV? 1 Red, Yellow, Blue 2 Red, Yellow, Green 3 Red, Green, Blue 4 Yellow, Green, Blue

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Which Walt Disney?s famous cartoon character turned 75 on November 18, 2003? (A) Micky Mouse (B) Jerry (C) Donald Duck (D) Goofy

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The name of India born British author who was issued a death threat (Fatwa) by ayatollah Khomeini is: (a) Salman Rushdie (b) Pamella Bordes (c) R K Narayan (d) Mira Nayar

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Which of the following films won the Oscar Award for best film in the function of Academy Awards held in March 2003? 1 Chicago 2 Meet Jo Black 3 Jercy Girl 4 Bend It Like Beckham

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An International Container Transhipment Terminal was launched recently at the port of 1 Cochin 2 Kolkata 3 Mumbai 4 Goa

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Sania Mirza recently became the first Indian woman to win which of the following titles? 1 WTA singles 2 Dubai Open Songles 3 Paris Indoor Open 4 Davis Cup (Asia)

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As per the reports of the Census 2001, the Prime reason for male migration to urban areas has been employment and business. But what has been the reason of migration of the young females to urban areas ?A) MarriageB) Educational PurposesC) Job Opportunities Which of these is/are the correct reasons(s)? (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only A & B (5) None of these

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The Meghdoot was written by: (a) Humayun Kabir (b) Khushwant Singh (c) Kalidasa (d) Banabhatta

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Shri L. K. Advani is contesting the parliamentary election from (a) Rajkot (b) Gandhinagar (c) Gwalior (d) None of these

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R D Birla National Award is given annually for: (a) outstanding Social Welfare Services (b) progress and innovation in industry (c) high productivity (d) Outstanding research work in medical and related fields

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The threat of flooding of Rampur in Himachal Pradesh has been due to the rains in the catchment area of??. River in Tibet. 1 Sutlej 2 Pareechu 3 Chenab 4 Beas

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