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. A cyclist X starts from a point at the rate of 15 km./hr.
and after 20 minutes another cyclist Y starts from same
point at the rate of 20 km./hr. After how much time will Y
cross X ?

(a) 1 ½ hour

(b) 1 hour

(c) 2 hours

(d) 2 ½ hours

. A cyclist X starts from a point at the rate of 15 km./hr. and after 20 minutes another cyclist Y ..

Answer / guest

(b) 1 hour

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Bappi Lahiri won a case of plagiarism against which US based singer? 1 P.M.Dawn 2 Dr.Dre 3 L.L.Collj 4 Jeniffer Lopez

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The Union Constitution Committee under the chairmanship of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru consisted of (a) 54 members (b) 15 members (c) 10 members (d) 7 members

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In which year was Pulitzer Prize instituted? (a) 1917 (b) 1907 (c) 1901 (d) 1900 (e) 1947

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Wind is: (a) horizontal movement of air (b) vertical movement of air (c) movement of air

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Which of the following provisions of our Constitution can be amended by the method of simple majority by the Union Parliament? (a) Creation of new States or changing the boundaries of the existing States (b) The creation or abolition of Second Chambers in the States (c) Qualifications for Indian citizenship (d) Administration of Scheduled and Tribal Areas

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The decimal system was first known in India in the beginning of 1 2nd Century Ad 2 3rd Century Ad 3 4th Century Ad 4 5th Century Ad

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Dada Saheb Phalke Award is associated with (A) Literature (B) Sports (C) Medicine (D) Cinema

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how many depots are at warangal

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Australians are able to grow large amounts of wheat because : (a) the fields are large, flat and suited to the use of machinery (b) fields are far from the smoke filled cities (c) they have a large labour supply and plenty of rainfall

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Facts or informational raw materials represented by symbols are called: (A) input (B) data (C) instruction (D) program

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What are soaps? 1 Salts of silicates 2 Esters of heavy fatty acids 3 Sodium or potassium salts of heavier fatty acids 4 Mixture of glycerol and alcohols

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In which one of the following cases did the Supreme Court declare that the Parliament had no right to amend the basic structure of the Indian Constitution? (a) Gopalan?s Case (b) Bank Nationalisation Case (c) Golak Nath vs State of Punjab Case (d) Keshava nand Bharati?s Case

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