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. Nishadacharita was written by

(a) Bhatti

(b) Narasimha

(c) Kalidasa

(d) Sriharsa

. Nishadacharita was written by (a) Bhatti (b) Narasimha (c) Kalidasa (d) Sriharsa..

Answer / guest

(d) Sriharsa

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The Union Government meets the financial needs of the States through: (a) devolution of revenues (b) grants in and of state revenues (c) giving loans (d) all the above

1 Answers  

Iraq?s former President Mr. Saddam Hussain was captured in : (A) Tikrit (B) Baghdad (C) Kabul (D) Al-Basrah

1 Answers  

Which IT company has developed Finacle Core-a banking software product? 1 Waipro 2 Satyam 3 Infosys 4 Iflex

10 Answers   Infosys, Wipro,

Koyana Project supplies electricity to a number of big cities which include: (a) Surat and Baharaich (b) Goa (c) Poona and Mumbai (d) Kolhapur

2 Answers  

Rainfall generally decreases with increase of : (a) latitude (b) longitude (c) temperature

1 Answers  

SA node in the heart is also known as 1 Pace maker 2 Pace settler 3 Pace regulator 4 Pace coordinator

1 Answers  

Which electromagnetic radiation is emitted by radioactive substances? 1 ?-rays 2 Radio waves 3 Micro waves 4 Frequency

1 Answers  

FERA has been replaced by 1 Competitive Bill 2 Finance Bill 3 FEMA 4 No replacement

2 Answers  

The rights granted by Part III of the Constitution are restricted if martial law is in operation by virtue of (a) Article 13 (b) Article 20 (c) Article 21 (d) Article 33

1 Answers  

Kakinada Bomb case was the 1st terrorist act in Andhra who was associated with it (1) Kanuganti Hanumanthu (2) Bhyankara Venkatachari (3) Gadicherla Hari Sarvathama Rao (4) Ayyadevara Kaleswara Rao

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Which of the following organization won the Men?s Federation Cup Volleyball Championship Trophy held in May ?99? 1 Cochin Port Trust 2 Indian Overseas Bank 3 Southern Railway 4 None of these

1 Answers  

In India maximum number of workers are employed in: (a) textiles industry (b) jute industry (c) sugar industry (d) computer industry

4 Answers   Textiles,