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. Production is a function of

(1) Profits

(2) Costs

(3) Price

(4) Factory

. Production is a function of (1) Profits (2) Costs (3) Price (4) Factory..

Answer / guest

( 4 ) Factory

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. Who will act as the President of India when the offices of both the President and the Vice-President vacant? (1) Prime Minister (2) Chief Justice of India (3) Chief Election Commissioner (4) None

1 Answers  

. The Bhakra Nangal dam is built on the (1) Ravi (2) Yamuna (3) Sind (4) Sutlej

2 Answers  

Vinegar is prepared by the (1) fumigation of dates (2) fumigation of rotten grapes (3) fumigation of apple cider in the presence of air (4) Dehydration of wine

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Who was appointed as the leader of the Satyagraha movement in Andhra? (a) Durgabai Deshmukh (b) T. Prakasam (c) Konda Venkatappaiah (d) Pingali Venkaiah

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Who was the founder of the Sunga dynasty? (1) Pushyamitra (2) Sagamitra (3) Dantivaman (4) Yasovarman

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Founder of ‘Vignana Chandrika Grandha Mandali’: (a) Guruzada Appa Rao (b) Kommaraju Lakshman Rao (c) Veeresalingam (d) Chilakamarthi

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When did the working committee of all India Congress met? (a) 1920 (b) 1926 (c) 1921 (d) 1916

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. The Rajya Sabha member must have completed the age of a (1) 21 years (2) 25 years (3) 30 years (4) 35 years

2 Answers   Sail,

can someone tell me which are the best institutes for Group1 and Group2 coaching in Hyderabad along with the contact nos.If u know the timings also kindly mention...Thanks

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The famous telugu poet deputed as envoy by Manumasiddhi to the court of Ganapathideva to get the help of the letter was (a) Marana (b) Nannayabhattu (c) Tikkana Somayaji (d) Errapreggada

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. Chirapunji is situated in (1) Manipur (2) Meghalaya (3) Assam (4) Orissa

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what is the syllabus for panchayati secretary? GENERAL ENGLISH IS THERE or NOT..?

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