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. Which of the following physical processes releases heat

(1) Completion of hydrological cycle

(2) Melting of snow

(3) Vapour changes into water

(4) Water changes into vapour

. Which of the following physical processes releases heat energy? (1) Completion of hydrological..

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( 3 ) Vapour changes into water

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. The First Five-Year Plan in India placed emphasis on: (1) Industrial development (2) Solution of unemployment problem (3) Rapid development of Housing and power (4) Agriculture and Irrigation

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By which process is alcohol obtained from starch? (1) Fermentation (2) Steam distillation (3) Boiling (4) Recrystallisation

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Hai I am Ravi kishore i dad completed Diplamo in automobile engineering (DAE) i want to prepare for AMVI job can u please guide me with previous question papers and other materials thanks i advance

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The first postal stamp of India was released in 1837. Where was it released? (1) Karachi (2) Bombay (3) Dhaka (4) Rangoon

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Tobacco industry is mostly grown in : (a) Guntur (b) Kurnoor (c) East Godavari (d) None

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. The Bhils are mostly the inhabitants of (1) Western ghats (2) Himalayas (3) Nilagiri Hills (4) Vindya Hills

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. Who composed the eulogy of Samudra-gupta and had it engraved on the Allahabad Pillar Inscription ? (1) Chandrasena (2) Harisena (3) Hastiverman (4) Kacha

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Where is the C.P. Brown Memorial Trust Library located in Andhra Pradesh? (1) Rajamandri (2) Kakinada (3) Cuddapah (4) Anantpur

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Transpiration through leaves is called (1) Stomatal transpiration (2) Cuticular transpiration (3) Lenticular transpiration (4) Guttation

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. Nannaya was the court poet of (1) Raja Raja Narendra (2) Manumasiddi Bhupala (3) Palkurki Somanatha (4) Prataparudra

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Ponneganti Telaganarya wrote Yayaticharitra. To whom he dedicated this work ? (a) Ibrahim Qutub (b) Abdullah Qutub (c) Muhammad Quli (d) Abdul Hasan

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. The first state in India to be formed on linguistic basis (1) Maharashtra (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Karnataka (4) Kerala

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