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. Which soils have high natural fertility ?

(1) Red and yellow soils

(2) Black lava and alluvia soils

(3) Sandy soils

(4) Black soils

. Which soils have high natural fertility ? (1) Red and yellow soils (2) Black lava and alluvi..

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( 2 ) Black lava and alluvia soils

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Trickle Down Theory of Development holds that (1) Global prosperity spreads to domestic economy (2) Development spreads downward through more demand for labour (3) Rate of growth of taxation is not related to economic growth rate (4) None of the above

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. The Kalinga war was fought in (1) 321 BC (2) 301 BC (3) 361 BC (4) 241 BC

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Ponneganti Telaganarya wrote Yayaticharitra. To whom he dedicated this work ? (a) Ibrahim Qutub (b) Abdullah Qutub (c) Muhammad Quli (d) Abdul Hasan

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Who was the commander in Chief of Manumasiddi? (a) Brahma Rudrayya (b) Biyyana (c) Brahmanaidu (d) Malideva

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. Capital-intensive industries cause : (1) Reduction in the overall capital formation (2) Increase in capital (3) Unemployment (4) Vast employment opportunities

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The hygrometer is an instrument to measure (1) Relative density of liquids (2) Purity of milk (3) Relative humidity (4) Atmospheric pressure

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Who of the following is the Mayor of New York city who was presented the prestigious honorary knighthood by the Queen of England for his leadership during the WTC tragedy on September 11, 2001? (1) Bob Hope (2) Colin Powell (3) Steven Speilberg (4) Rudolph Giuliani

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The founder of Andhra Bank and Andhra Insurance Company was: (a) T.Prakasam (b) Venkataratnam Naidu (c) Dr. Pattabhi (d) D. Gopala Krishnaiah

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The main reason of the emergence of the Chirala-Perala struggle : (a) The constitution of Chirala and Perala into municipalities which increased the tax burden of the people (b) The conflict between justice party and the Congress party (c) None

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. Bonus is paid out of (1) Wages (2) Rent (3) Interest (4) Profits

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. Black soil is most suitable for the cultivation of (1) Paddy (2) Maize (3) Cotton (4) None

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. Name of the method in which different colours are used to represent various features of elevation of the ground? (1) Contours (2) Hachures (3) Layer Shading (4) Millibars

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