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. Which of the following is a land locked country?

(1) India

(2) Japan

(3) Afghanistan

(4) Burma

. Which of the following is a land locked country? (1) India (2) Japan (3) Afghanistan (..

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( 3 ) Afghanistan

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Who was the President of Indian National Congress in 1923? (a) T. Prakasam (b) Konda Venkatappaiah (c) Ramachandra Rao (d) M. Hanumantha Rao

3 Answers  

The new religion Din-I-Ilahi was founded by (a) Babar (b) Akbar (c) Shahjahan (d) Shershah

5 Answers   RINL,

. Land Development banks provide credit to the farmers for (1) Buying land (2) Digging wells (3) Marketing their agricultural surplus (4) All the above

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. Which one of the following is a rabi crop ? (1) Wheat & Mustard (2) Rice (3) Gram & Linseed (4) Both 1 & 3

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Why the demand for the separate Andhra Province receeded to background in the year 1916? (a) Issues of National importance (b) Home Rule League movement (c) National Leaders did not show interest in Andhra Problem (d) Differences of opinion amongst Andhra Leaders

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Virus is a (1) Protein (2) Carbohydrate (3) Nucleus (4) Nucleoprotein

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‘Sriparvata’ is very often refered to in the inscriptions of the Vishnukundins. It has seen identified with (a) Nagarjunakonda (b) Amaravati region (c) Dhanyakataka region (d) Srisailam

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. The first lady ruler of Delhi was (1) Chand Bibi (2) Mumtaz Mahal (3) Nurjahan (4) Razia Begum

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Brihadesvara temple in Tanjore was built by (a) Rajendra-I (b) Rajasimha (c) Narasimha varma (d) Rajendra-II

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. At the time of arrival of Lord Wellesley as Governor General of India, Tipu Sultan was actively negotiating with (1) Nizam (2) French (3) East India company (4) Mughal Emperor

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The hygrometer is an instrument to measure (1) Relative density of liquids (2) Purity of milk (3) Relative humidity (4) Atmospheric pressure

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When did the British land at Surat? (a) 1608 (b) 1650 (c) 1690 (d) 1720

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