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. Periyar sanctuary is located in

(1) Kerala

(2) Tamilnadu

(3) A.P.

(4) U.P.

. Periyar sanctuary is located in (1) Kerala (2) Tamilnadu (3) A.P. (4) U.P...

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( 1 ) Kerala

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hi all, Iam preparing for DAO which will be conducted very soon...But i dont know the exact materail from where to read , a problem faced by many .....So i request anyone to give details regarding which books to read and the material to go through .... mail to---- Thanks in advance............

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Who was the Andhra King that ultimately conquered Vengi? (a) Ganapathi deva of Kakatiya dynasty (b) Prataparudra deva I (c) Pola Raja II (d) None

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The Reddi Kingdom was established (a) To check the rise of Islam (b) To protect the Hindu Dharma and culture (c) To establish the supremecy of the Reddis (d) A & B

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. Name of the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast? (1) Cochin (2) Kandla (3) Mazagon (4) Visakhapatnam

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. The measure that cannot reduce the impact of poverty direct is: (1) Government subsides (2) Increase in production (3) Population control (4) Equitable distribution

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. President can be removed from office even before the expiry of the term (1) By the political party in power (2) By the Prime Minister (3) Through impeachment (4) Through trial by the Court

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Hepatitis is an ailment related to (1) inflammation of the liver (2) inflammation of the heart (3) inflammation of the kidneys (4) inflammation of the intestines

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if we write groupII exams what jobs we will get?andif we have reservation how many marks we should get

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Basava puranum and Panditaradhya Charitra was written by: (a) Tikkana (b) Palkurki Somanatha (c) Nannaya (d) Yerrana

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. The joint session of both the Houses is convened when (1) There is disagreement between the two Houses on a money Bill (2) There is disagreement between the two Houses on a non-money Bill (3) The president address both the Houses when a new Lok Sabha is elected or when first session of both the Houses are held in a year (4) None of these

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The first Chalukya Chola emperor was (a) Rajendra I (b) Rajaraja the Great (c) Kulottunga I (d) Ammaraja

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Shershah built … in old Delhi (a) Buland Darwaja (b) Lal Qila (c) Purana Qila (d) Jammu Masque

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