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. The food chain involves the flow of energy in the form of
food from

(1) Lower to higher level

(2) Higher to lower level

(3) Lower to middle level

(4) Middle to lower level

. The food chain involves the flow of energy in the form of food from (1) Lower to higher level ..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) Lower to higher level

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. The right to private property in India today is (1) A moral right (2) A legal right (3) A fundamental right (4) A political right

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Malaria is caused by the parasite (1) Mosquito (2) Plasmodium (3) Entamoeba (4) Trypanosoma

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Working committee of all India Congress was Popularized by: (a) Yuvasamajam (b) Kesari Samajam (c) Bala Bharathi (d) None

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The great Buddhist scholar and philosopher and contemporary of yagnasri Satakarni was, (a) Acharya Nagarjuna (b) Gunadhya (c) Buddhagosha (d) Hala

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. Which of the following rivers divides the Deccan Table land from Northern India? (1) Champal (2) Godavari (3) Narmada (4) Krishna

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Tobacco industry is mostly grown in : (a) Guntur (b) Kurnoor (c) East Godavari (d) None

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Who was connected with kakinada bomb case? (a) Bhayanakara Venkatachari (b) Bapi Raju (c) B. Satyanarayana (d) All the above

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. Women are granted franchise on equal terms with men. This is based on the principle of (1) Moral equality (2) Civil equality (3) Social equality (4) Political equality

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. The inter-state council with advise upon disputes between the states can be appointed by (1) The President (2) The Planning Commission (3) The Parliament (4) Any of these

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hi friends can any one please send me some previous exam papers of dao n tell me the the date of exam,my id is

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Who was the Champion of the Chirala-perala struggle? (a) N. Subba Rao (b) M. Krishna Rao (c) K. Hanumantha Rao (d) Duggirala Gopala Krishnaiah

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