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. When Timur invaded India, the ruling dynasty was that of the

(1) Lodhis

(2) Mughals

(3) Tughluqs

(4) Sayyads

. When Timur invaded India, the ruling dynasty was that of the (1) Lodhis (2) Mughals (3) T..

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( 3 ) Tughluqs

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The partition of Bengal on 7th July 1905 led to the growth of a movement known as: (a) Quit India (b) Vandemataram (c) Swadeshi movement (d) Dandi movement

3 Answers  

. The atmospheric layer having uniform temperature is called (1) Troposphere (2) Stratosphere (3) Mesosphere (4) Ionosphere

1 Answers  

. The Kingdom of Shivaji was also called (1) Empire of Shivaji (2) Provinces of Shivaji (3) Swaraj territory (4) Swaraj committee

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Hazara Rama Temple is situated in: (a) Penugonda (b) Udayagiri (c) Chandragiri (d) Hampi

2 Answers  

The Chairman of the National Commission of Human Rights is (1) Justice V.R. Varm (2) Justice Anand (3) Justice V.R. Krishna Ayyer (4) Justice Jayachandra Reddy

7 Answers   Government, IBM, National Law School of India University Entrance Test(NLSIU),

. Which one of the following countries has presidential form of Government (1) India (2) Canada (3) U.S.A. (4) Britain

2 Answers   KPMG,

Brahama Naidu was the commander in chief of: (a) Nagalama (b) Malideva (c) Manumasiddi (d) Ganapathideva

1 Answers  

. The main objectives of the V Five Year Plan were: (1) Self-reliance and repayment of all external loans (2) Expansion of exports and provision of minimum needs to all the poor (3) Removal of poverty and stability of economy (4) Removal of poverty and full employment

2 Answers   UPSC,

Which of the following cities hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in October 2001? (1) Bejing (2) Singapore (3) Shanghai (4) Hongkong

1 Answers  

The first woman ruler of Kakatiya dynasty: (a) Rudramba (b) Lilavathi (c) Ganapamba (d) None

3 Answers  

. Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinction (1) Right to equality (2) Right against exploitation (3) Right to life and liberty (4) Cultural and educational rights

1 Answers  

Who took the title ‘Tribhu Vanamalla’ in Kakatiyas rulers? (a) Prola-II (b) Beta-II (c) Rudradeva (d) Mahadeva

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