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. Te founder of Andhra Bank and Andhra Insurance company was

(1) T. Prakasam Pantulu

(2) Venkataratnam Naidu

(3) Dr. Pattabhi

(4) D. Gopala Krishnayya

. Te founder of Andhra Bank and Andhra Insurance company was (1) T. Prakasam Pantulu (2) Venka..

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( 3 ) Dr. Pattabhi

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. Which of the following rivers divides the Deccan Table land from Northern India? (1) Champal (2) Godavari (3) Narmada (4) Krishna

1 Answers   APSPSC,

Use of energy requirements (calorie) as a measure of poverty in India was made for the first time by (1) Dandekar and Rath (2) Amartya Sen (3) Planning Commission (4) T.N. Sreenivasan

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Most of the Rastrkuta kings were the followers of: (a) Hinduism (b) Saivism (c) Jainism (d) None

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Jhumpa Lahiri of Indian origin, who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction recently, had also won earlier the O. Henry Award for her title story. What is the title of the story? (1) Interpreter of Maladies (2) Hangaman’s Journal (3) The Night of the krait (4) Difficult Daughters

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please provide me the interview questions for drug inspector post under andhra pradesh public service commission(appsc)

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. Koyna project was constructed across the river (1) Koyna (2) Mahanadi (3) Narmada (4) Tapati

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Who was the Champion of the Chirala-perala struggle? (a) N. Subba Rao (b) M. Krishna Rao (c) K. Hanumantha Rao (d) Duggirala Gopala Krishnaiah

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The Class XI NCERT history text book Medieval India has been in controversy for carrying against a Sikh Guru. Who is the author of the book? (1) Satish Chandra (2) S. Gopal (3) K.N. Panicker (4) Romila Thapar

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. Fundamental duties were introduced in the constitution by the (1) 40th amendment (2) 42nd amendment (3) 43rd amendment (4) 44th amendment

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Who was the main organizer of the Kisan Movement? (a) N.G. Ranga (b) Rajeswara Rao. C (c) P. Sundaraiah (d) T. Prakasam

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hi i want previous question papers of govt.polytechnic letureres plz forward to mail

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. Paintings of the Ajanta caves belong to the (1) Mauryan period (2) Harsha’s reign (3) Gupta period (4) None

2 Answers   KPSC Karnataka Public Service Corporation,