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. Amukta Malyada, a Kavya of great literary merit was written by

(1) Rama Raju

(2) Srinadha

(3) Krishnadevaraya

(4) Immadi Narasimha

. Amukta Malyada, a Kavya of great literary merit was written by (1) Rama Raju (2) Srinadha ..

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( 3 ) Krishnadevaraya

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. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is (1) The President (2) The Vice-President (3) The Prime Minister (4) The Home Minister

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Who were the two scholars that were patronized by Vikramadhitya VI? (a) Bilhana (b) Vijnaneswara the author of the Mitakshara system of Hindu law (c) Tikkana (d) Both A & B

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Who was the greatest ruler of Kakatiyas? (a) Ganapathideva (b) Prataparudra (c) Rudramadevi (d) Rudradeva

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. Which of the following states has a separate constitution (1) Jammu and Kashmir (2) Sikkim (3) Nagaland (4) Meghalaya

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Name the dynasty to which Karikala belonged (1) Chera (2) Chola (3) Pandya (4) Pallava

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Who took a leading part in ‘Simon Go Back’ agitation : (a) V.V. Jagaiah (b) Potti Sreeramulu (c) T. Prakasam Pantulu (d) Pingali Venkaiah

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. Which one of the following is a type of planetary wind? (1) Sea breeze (2) Torndoes (3) Monsoons (4) Westerlies

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. The right to freedom of movement in India is a (1) Moral right (2) Legal right (3) Natural right (4) None

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. Temporary tax leveled to obtain additional revenue is called: (1) Surcharge (2) Cess (3) Rate (4) Fine

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Forests are more in: (a) Khammam (b) Cuddapah (c) Chittoor (d) Adilabad

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Who was known as “Desha Bhandavi”? (a) Anna Poorna (b) Poorna Tilakam (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Duvvuri Subbamma

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