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Phosphate is used as fertilizer for the growth o

(1) Leaves

(2) Stems

(3) Seeds

(4) Toots

Phosphate is used as fertilizer for the growth o (1) Leaves (2) Stems (3) Seeds (4) Toot..

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( 1 ) Leaves

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In recent years, the Indian Economy has been characterized as a (1) Developed economy (2) Developing economy (3) Backward economy (4) Stagnant economy

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. The food chain involves the flow of energy in the form of food from (1) Lower to higher level (2) Higher to lower level (3) Lower to middle level (4) Middle to lower level

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Which was the last dynasty that ruled Vijayanagara? (a) Saluva (b) Sangama (c) Aravidu (d) Tuluva

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Which local wind is known as “the doctor”? (1) Borra (2) Simon (3) Harmattan (4) Chinook

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The Andhra kings who followed human Scarified were (a) Salankayanas (b) Ikshvakus (c) Vishnukundins (d) Ananda gotrins

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Who wrote “Kanya Sulkam” ? (a) Guruzada Appa Rao (b) Chilakamarthi (c) Veeresalingam (d) Duggirala

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. Bhills are the natives of (1) Alama desert (2) Thar desert (3) Sahara desert (4) Polar region

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Gautama Buddha belonged to …… dynasty (a) Sakya (b) Jataka (c) Salankayana (d) None

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. The territorial limits of the Mughal empire in India were the maximum during the reign of (1) Akbar (2) Aurangzeb (3) Humayun (4) Shahjahan

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. Marble is (1) Igneous rock (2) Sedimentary rock (3) Metamorphic rock (4) Crystalline rock

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. The Home of Sugarcane is (1) Punjab (2) U.P. (3) M.P. (4) A.P.

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The founder of Andhra Pradesh Jateeya Kalasaa : (a) K. Nageshwara Rao (b) Dr. Pattabhi (c) M. Hanumantha Rao (d) Venkataratnam Naidu

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