For what purpose are the virtual users created ?

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Answer / madhuvani

Vusers is nothing but simulating with the Real Time Users.

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Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

Virtual Users are created to Analyze the system Response
under loads.

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Answer / usha,

To conduct performance testing manually, it is not possible
due to lack of resources in company, cooperation between
test engineers and repeatability of that tests for that
test engineers are using tools for performance testing.

To apply load on build vusers are creating, instead of real
users the vuser created and our build feels it is
operations as real users.

if anything pls, let me know.

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Answer / naresh

To apply the load on the application for conducting
performance test we create the VUsers instated of real users.

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Answer / chandra sekhar.k ibm 14 y-ex

a) for application performance testing
b) save to all resources in application
c) to avoid the application defects
d) If more information call 9611678545
e) chandra sekhar.k IBM 14 y-ex

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Answer / madhu12345

if one application contains 10000 users, if we would like to know the response time for the application under 1000 users, we need 10000 people. which is not possible. so we create artificial users (virtual users) which acts as a real-time users. time budget, accuracy and resources are parameters to support to create virtual users.

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Answer / naresh

for finding real user behavior in the application.

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