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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / siri

JDK or the Java Development Kit is a set of a Java compiler,
a Java interpreter, developer tools, Java API libraries,
documentation which can be used by Java developers to
develop Java-based applications.

JRE or the Java Runtime Environment is a minimum set that
includes a Java interpreter, Java API libraries, Java
browser plug-in, which make up the minimum environment to
execute Java-based applications.

The JVM or Java Virtual Machine is the core of the Java
platform and is a part of both the JDK and JRE that
translates Java bytecodes and executes them as native code
on the client machine.

JDK includes a JRE as as subset.

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / nisid ranjan jena

JDK stands for Java Development tool. It consists of many
tools like java compiler , java interpreter,java
debugger,javadoc etc to develop java application.It
basically consists of various binary executable files to
develop application.
JRE stands for Java Runtime Enviornment .it gives runtime
enviornment to execute java programmes.It consists of
JVM,java library APIs,Java interpreter and java browser plug
ins to execute java applications.
JVM is a virtual machine which provides an interface to
convert byte code instructions to machine understandable
instructions.JVM is an implementation of of JRE.JVM is
system dependent.JVM is a part of both JDK and JRE.

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / alok kumar ranjan

JRE :- (Java Runtime environment)
It is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine* which
actually executes Java programs.Java Run Time Environment is
a plug-in needed for running java programs.JRE is smaller
than JDK so it needs less Disk space.JRE can be
downloaded/supported freely from
It includes JVM , Core libraries and other additional
components to run applications and applets written in Java.

JDK :- (Java Development Toolkit)
It is a bundle of software that you can use to develop Java
based applications.Java Development Kit is needed for
developing java applications.JDK needs more Disk space as it
contains JRE along with various development tools.JDK can be
downloaded/supported freely from
It includes JRE, set of API classes, Java compiler, Webstart
and additional files needed to write Java applets and

JVM : Java Virtual Machine converts the bytecode into user
understandable code. without JVM we cannot run our Java
codes on any system. JVM converts the bytecode got after
compilation into machine level code by understanding the
hardware and operating system combination.

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / k.venu

JDK :-it means that we r developing applications,after
developing we r compiling a program through javac.Here the
javac is in jdk part.after compiling it makes a .class
file(nothing but a bytecode),bytecode contains assembly
language,here byte is 8 bits so it's cpacity is 255,here 255
is contains opcodes(operation codes) values.That is jvm is
not a part of jdk.

JRE :-it means excecution(running) a we r
having jvm in jre.first of all bytecode is loaded on jvm
that is nothing but a assembly language will be converted
into java virtual machine language

JVM :-it is the form ofjava virtual machine language of
bytecode,now the jvm language will provide the message of
output in user understandable language(high level lang).

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / laxmi narayana moru

jdk means java development kit which contains the set of
tools like javac,java,javap,javah,javadoc to run the java
jre means java runtime environment which contains jdk and
java api
jdk is nothing but set of tools
api is a collection of predefined classes and interfaces
jvm means java virtual machine which converts the byte code
into machine code which is understandable by the current

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Difference between JDK, JRE, JVM..

Answer / ravikiran

JDK is the java development kit contains the executable
JRE is the java run time envirnment contains all the
runtime jar files
JVM is the java virtual machine which is used to convert
the byte code to user understandable code

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