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What is Buddy testing?

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What is Buddy testing?..

Answer / arunatummala

Buddy Testing is a process where a tester is paired with
developer for testing special scenarios.

In simple it is "pairing up developers with testers" for testing

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What is Buddy testing?..

Answer / guru

buddy testing, a very effective and efficient testing
practice, for superior code. Our programmers are more
efficient and get things right the first time using buddy
This is a simple concept to ensure that each software
feature goes through a quick sanity check of a QA engineer
before it is checked-in. Every developer is associated with
a "buddy" tester who does this sanity check (typically of
the user interface, which is not covered completely through
unit test cases). Essentially, we create the test scenarios
before the code is written, and so quality is assured at
the unit test levels itself. Risk analysis and
identification occurs early greatly reducing the number of
bugs in the final product, through walkthroughs and
periodic close inspections and interactions between tester
and developer.

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What is Buddy testing?..

Answer / rajesh.veggalam

due to lack of time , testers and developers are group as
buddies .every buddey consist of tester and developers to
continue process prallely

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